Do I need a confinement nanny?

Do I need a confinement nanny?

Congrats, you and your wife are expecting a baby! Now what? Even though your spouse is the one carrying the baby, you have an important part to play as well.

baby and family

What can my confinement nanny help me with?

Welcoming a baby is a significant milestone and huge life event. It is crucial to know what the responsibilities of a confinement lady entail and how she will enhance your life.

confinement diet

3 things your postpartum diet should achieve

The importance of a well-balanced diet during and after pregnancy is common knowledge. However, what many do not know is that your confinement diet should cover these 3 key elements.

baby poop colour

What the colour of your baby’s poop means

As a parent, you might find yourself often wishing you knew what’s on your baby’s mind. While your newborn might not be able to speak yet, they can communicate in plenty of ways.

You just had a baby, now what?

You just had a baby, now what?

Congratulations! You made it through pregnancy and maternity, but soon your confinement nanny is leaving. You must be thinking, “What do I do now?”