Can I shower or wash my hair during confinement?

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Can I shower or wash my hair during confinement?

Article by Cherlynn Ng

This is a common question among new mothers. In the olden days, bathing during your postpartum period used to be considered one of the biggest taboos. It is believed that showering or washing hair during confinement would cause wind to enter the mother’s body, which might result in her catching a cold in her already weakened state. Some also reckon that it might lead to rheumatism and other ailments later in life.

However, confinement practices have evolved over the years to suit the modern family. One must also consider the warm and humid weather in Singapore – not bathing for a prolonged period of time would be unbearable! It’s also important to maintain hygiene so that your newborn is safe from bacteria and illnesses.

So the short answer is yes, you can bathe and wash your hair during confinement. However, you should still pay heed to certain guidelines so that your body can continue to heal properly and you do not fall sick. Here are some tips to help you out!

1. Shower with warm water

Warm baths bring relief to your exhausted body and achy muscles. Not only are they soothing, they will also help you to avoid catching a cold!

2. Keep the door and windows closed when bathing

Similarly, this prevents you from catching a cold. You should also refrain from being in direct contact with the fan or air conditioner after your bath.

3. Take herbal baths

Add confinement herbs to your bath to boost recovery after childbirth. These herbs are typically laced with healing properties and benefits such as:

  • Improving blood circulation
  • Expelling wind from the body
  • Relieving pain, swelling and any discomfort
  • Promoting mental wellness and helping you to relax

A wide variety of confinement herbal bath packages are readily available in the market. If you have a confinement nanny, you can also get her to help prepare it for you.

4. Dry your hair immediately

Make sure you dry your hair immediately after your shower. A hairdryer will come in handy since you should not be directly in front of the fan. This is another way of ensuring that wind does not enter your body and lead to health issues down the road.

With so much conflicting information from the internet and people around you, it’s normal to be unsure and confused about appropriate confinement practices. First-time parents in particular might find this to be an overwhelming period. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or seek advice from multiple sources if necessary.


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