What can my confinement nanny help me with?

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What can my confinement nanny help me with?

Article by Cherlynn Ng

Welcoming a baby is a significant milestone and huge life event. Needless to say, there will be lots to prepare and decisions to make. One lingering question you might have is whether to hire a confinement nanny. Should you get a maid instead? Or will a babysitter be the better choice? While there is no wrong answer, you will want to get someone who will best match your needs and expectations. Therefore, it is crucial to know what the responsibilities of a confinement lady entail and how she will enhance your life.

Like her title suggests, a confinement nanny is here to help you through the postpartum period. Her duties should first and foremost revolve around you and your newborn. Although some might think that a confinement nanny and a domestic helper are similar due to an occasional overlap in duties, make no mistake — they are vastly different when it comes to their areas of expertise, experience and skills.

Here’s what a confinement nanny will be an expert at:

1. Baby care

Confinement nannies have undergone professional training in newborn care, from baby hygiene to safety practices. They are tasked in round-the-clock infant care so that the mother can focus on getting sufficient rest and allow her body to recuperate. This includes day and night feeding, bathing the newborn and more.

2. Confinement food

Postpartums mums require a balanced and nutritious diet to boost healing, improve immunity and regain strength. However, it can be quite a challenge remembering what foods to take and what to avoid during confinement as things sometimes differ greatly from the pregnancy period. For instance, women who are trying to conceive or are expecting should stay away from papayas. However, do you know that the fruit is beneficial to those doing confinement?

A confinement nanny will be well-versed in what ingredients to use and what dishes to prepare. This is especially important if you require a tailored diet to tackle a particular issue, such as increasing breast milk production, staving off the postpartum blues or recovering from a C-section.

3. Breastfeeding support

Due to their wealth of experience and knowledge, a confinement nanny will be the ideal person to provide you with breastfeeding support if necessary. Some common problems that mums face are low breast milk supply, difficulty in getting their baby to latch, sore or painful nipples and blocked milk ducts. Your nanny will not only be able to help guide and advise you, but can be also a wonderful listening ear and source of support. It’s normal to feel frustrated or at a loss, but know that you are not alone and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

4. Confinement bath and herbs

Taking confinement baths is another effective way for mothers to heal. But what herbs should you use? And what tonics should you consume? A nanny will be able to help you prepare confinement baths and brew tonics such as red dates tea to speed up your recovery. These are known to not only promote physical wellbeing, but emotional and mental health as well.

5. Light domestic chores

Your confinement lady will also perform light domestic chores such as sweeping and mopping the floor, as well as cleaning the kitchen after cooking. However, note that she is not responsible for heavier tasks such as washing the toilet or caring for the elderly. These are more suited to a domestic helper, whose experience and training are more relevant.

It’s important to find the right match when searching for your ideal nanny, so try not to rush the process. Make your expectations and requirements clear, and know that you have options. Some parents also choose to go for a babysitter or daytime nanny instead of a live-in professional. There is no correct answer, only what works best for you!


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