5 ways to help your wife have a smooth pregnancy

5 ways to help your wife have a smooth pregnancy

Article by Cherlynn Ng

Congratulations, you are going to be a dad! Now what? Even though pregnancy and giving birth is the mother’s job, there are many ways you can chip in and ease her burden. Did you know that according to studies, an involved and attentive father can benefit the health of both mother and child? Many men find the pregnancy process nerve-wracking and are unsure of how to contribute, but here are five ways you can begin.

Read up about pregnancy

One of the first things you can start doing is to read books or articles about pregnancy for a better idea of what your wife is going through. The more informed you are about what she is experiencing at each stage, the better equipped you will be to empathise and help. There is a wide array of information available online for dads-to-be, from how you can help ease your wife’s morning sickness to pregnancy dos and don’ts. Being knowledgeable about pregnancy also means that your wife can turn to you for advice when needed.

Accompany her to doctor’s appointments

With a baby on the way, you and your wife are now a team more than ever. No matter how busy you might be, make time to accompany her to as many medical appointments and pre-natal classes as possible. This is also a wonderful way of showing her that she’s not alone in this life-changing event.

The useful skills and knowledge that you pick up along the way will also better prepare you for what is to come. If your schedule makes it impossible for you to attend, remember to at least show interest by asking your wife about how everything went and how she is coping.

Help out with chores

Pregnancy is not just physically exhausting but also emotionally demanding. Daily life will only get increasingly difficult for your other half as her belly grows and in time, she will need help with even the simplest tasks. Take the weight off your wife’s shoulders and reduce her stress by helping out with household chores. Getting sufficient rest is essential for a smooth and healthy pregnancy, and your wife will appreciate any extra time that can get.

Pamper her with a massage

Aching feet, swollen ankles and a sore back are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what your pregnant wife is going through. A soothing massage can ease her pain and help her to relax, especially after a particularly long day. Don’t wait for her to ask — offer her one. Not only is this a great way to connect with your partner through physical
touch, it is also a good opportunity for effective communication. Make use of this time to ask about your wife’s day and how she is feeling. Trust us, she will love you all the more for it.

Always listen and show support

Pregnancy is like being on a never-ending roller-coaster ride of emotions and the most important thing you can do is to simply be there for your wife. Be proactive and always check on her. Compliment her, make her feel wanted and beautiful, show affection and be sensitive to her needs. Put her worries and fear to rest by lending a listening ear whenever she needs it. Don’t just tell her you love her, but show her.

Your partner is at a vulnerable time in her life, and knowing that she has your love and support can do wonders for her. It’s not going to be an easy journey, but you will be amazed at what two people can accomplish when they work together.


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