7 things you can do for your pregnant wife

pregnant wife

7 things you can do for your pregnant wife

Article by Cherlynn Ng

Congrats, you and your wife are expecting a baby! Now what?

This is a life-changing milestone for the both of you. And while your spouse is the one carrying the baby, you have an important part to play as well. Even though you can’t endure the discomforts of pregnancy on your wife’s behalf, you can still provide help and support in a myriad of ways. Being involved during the pregnancy period is also a great way of adjusting and preparing yourself for fatherhood once the baby finally arrives.

Here are some ways you can be a supportive partner:

1. Accompany her to doctor’s appointments

Having someone to hold her hand – both physically and figuratively –  through monthly checkups and medical appointments will be a great comfort for your wife. Sharing the priceless moment of hearing your baby’s heartbeat and seeing its ultrasound image on screen are incredible experiences that you shouldn’t miss out on. One day, you can even look back on these moments and recount them to your child.

2. Accept her mood swings

Your partner will be experiencing huge changes physically, mentally and emotionally during this period. Hormones, never-ending fatigue, perpetual discomfort and feeling like life is forever changed are just some things she might be dealing with when carrying your baby. As such, know that mood swings are completely normal and sometimes can’t be helped. Don’t be shocked if you see your wife laughing one moment and crying the next. Just lend her a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on.

3. Cater to her food cravings

As your wife’s body changes and the baby develops in her belly, so will her dietary preferences. She might discover newfound cravings for food that she used to dislike, or feel adverse to dishes she once loved. Don’t question her choices, just support them.

4. Help her to keep active

Keeping fit and active is essential during pregnancy. That doesn’t mean you have to complete a marathon or participate in anything strenuous. Even a leisurely stroll outdoors brings numerous benefits to both mother and child. Moreover, having someone to exercise is an effective source of motivation to get moving. You will also get to spend quality time together as a couple! Of course, make sure to heed your doctor’s advice and exercise at levels suitable for each stage of pregnancy.

5. Educate yourself

Even though you are not the one carrying the baby, it helps to keep yourself informed about the pregnancy journey as well as what comes after. Read books or browse websites to pick up knowledge, tips and advice whenever you can. Taking the initiative to know everything about what your wife is going through will always come in handy and be a source of comfort to her.

6. Chip in around the house

Daddies, it’s time to pick up the heavy lifting if you aren’t already! With pregnancy also comes an aching back and limbs, swollen feet, soreness all over and fatigue for the mother. Helping with household chores will lift an immense weight off your spouse’s shoulders. Make sure that your wife is restful, relaxed and gets enough sleep as this is integral to a healthy pregnancy and newborn.

7. Provide emotional support

Most importantly, just be there for your wife. Simply being an involved and supportive partner will mean the world to her. You do not need to always have a solution. Sometimes, simply offering your listening ear is enough. Pregnancy might be an anxiety-ridden time, but it’s also a priceless and memorable journey to embark on together, hand in hand.


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