10 signs that your newborn is healthy and happy

is my baby happy

10 signs that your newborn is healthy and happy

Article by Rachel Ang and Cherlynn Ng

One of the biggest worries you might have as new parent is whether your baby is happy and in good health. It’s especially nerve-wrecking because your infant cannot talk or tell you if anything is bugging them. However, there are actually many ways to gauge a newborn’s mood and cues. You just have to know what to look out for!

Here are 10 traits of a happy baby:

1. A respiration rate of 40-50 breaths/minute in the first 2 weeks

2. A pulse frequency of 120-140 beats/minute

3. A body weight between 3kg to 4kg (premature babies are under 2.5kg)

4. Stools that are dark green and viscous in the first 2 days, and which gradually turn yellow after feeding

5. Defecating and urinating at least once within 24 hours

6. A body temperature between 36.5°c – 37.5°c

7. The peak period of jaundice is two to three days after birth. If it retreats within 2 weeks, it’s physiological jaundice. If your baby’s symptoms worsen or do not regress within 2 weeks, it is pathological. Seek medical advice accordingly.

8. Your baby has reflexes such as foraging, sucking, tongue stretching, swallowing and hugging

9. Your baby has eye reflexes when exposed to light, and responds to activity/toys after two months

10. They start blinking when hearing noises or sounds after 3 to 7 days as their hearing gets stronger

We hope this checklist is useful and helps you to communicate with your little one! Should you detect any abnormalities, make sure to seek professional and medical advice promptly.


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