What the colour of your baby’s poop means

baby poop colour

What the colour of your baby’s poop means

Article by Rachel Ang and Cherlynn Ng

As a parent, you might find yourself often wishing you knew what’s on your baby’s mind. If only they could talk! Not to fret though. While your newborn might not be able to speak yet, they can communicate in plenty of ways. You just have to know what to look for.

For example, the condition of your baby’s poop is a telltale sign of their health. What is considered a healthy poop colour and texture, and when should you worry? Let’s find out!


There are two ways to interpret this.

Normal: This occurs when there is excessive intake of milk with high iron content, resulting in poor digestion and the passing of greenish oxidised stools.

Abnormal: This is caused by excessive bile secretion. Your baby will also display obvious discomfort and require medical attention.


Red stools are caused by either a bacterial infection or due to broken skin around the anus.


Brown stools are caused by intestinal colic or lactose intolerance. They are also usually oily and foamy.


There are two ways to interpret this.

Normal: Known as meconium, this usually appears in the first few days of birth.

Abnormal: This is a possible sign of internal bleeding and your baby will also cry nonstop.


White poop is mostly caused by liver and gallbladder issues, especially due to infection or obstruction of the biliary tract, which hinders normal function of bile secretion.


Your baby is healthy and their stools are normal!

While this list serves as a rough guide, parents should seek professional advice and see a doctor if you notice any worrying symptoms or signs of abnormality.


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