5 golden pieces of advice if you are hiring a confinement nanny

confinement nanny and baby

5 golden pieces of advice if you are hiring a confinement nanny

Article by Cherlynn Ng

Are you a new parent who’s wondering whether to hire a confinement nanny? No doubt a confinement lady will be a great help during this challenging period in your life. Her tasks include household chores, caring for your newborn, cooking confinement meals as well as offering you support and advice. Imagine the load off your shoulders!

But as with all relationships, it’s not hard for friction and conflict to arise. Hence, here’s some advice that you should take note of if you plan to hire a confinement nanny.

1. Book early

While it might be easy to find a babysitter at the last minute, things are vastly different for a professional confinement nanny. This is especially so if you are seeking a trained confinement lady who can cater to all your needs and perform tasks efficiently. Recommended confinement nannies are usually booked out early and will remain unavailable for at least one month, if not more. Hence, it is important to secure your dream confinement nanny early.

Engaging a confinement agency like Confinement Angels will give you an added peace of mind that your chosen nanny will be available once you give birth. Another plus point is that you can also readily approach your confinement agency should any issues or emergencies arise.

The Covid-19 crisis resulted in a shortage of confinement nannies in Singapore due to the circuit breaker here and Malaysia’s movement control order. However, Confinement Angels overcame the lockdown measures and reduced disruption to our clients as much as possible.

2. Make your expectations and needs clear

There are understandably many things to consider when hiring a confinement lady, from costs to living arrangements. When looking for your ideal confinement nanny, make sure to convey your expectations and needs clearly. What skills must the confinement nanny possess or what do you primarily need help with? Everything? No problem, as long as you tell your nanny or agency from the get-go!

This will give both you and your confinement nanny an idea of what to expect before she starts work, so as to reduce conflict and friction in the long run.

3. A confinement nanny is not a maid

Even though a confinement nanny and a domestic helper might have overlapping tasks, they have extremely different functions and one should not be a substitute for the other. You probably wouldn’t entrust your vulnerable newborn to a maid who isn’t trained in baby care, nor would you expect her to cook confinement meals.

The same goes for a confinement nanny, who has specific skills and expertise in what she is meant to do. For instance, your confinement lady is the go-to person if you need proper postpartum care or breastfeeding advice. And while she can help out around the house, washing the toilet shouldn’t be anywhere on her to-do list.

4. Respect each other

Mutual respect is crucial in any relationship and this one is no different. If you want healthy ties with your confinement nanny, then you will need to respect her even if you are paying for her services. While conflict might be unavoidable at times, it should be handled in a mature and respectful manner. Remember that at the end of the day, we are all human.

5. Give her space and privacy

A confinement nanny deserves her own space like any other employee. Even though she is here to make your confinement a smooth journey, make sure that she gets alone time and adequate rest too. Allow your confinement lady her own space to unwind after a day of caring for you and your newborn. This will leave her rejuvenated and all the more ready to serve you!


P.S – Known as the celebrities’ choice, Confinement Angels provides parents with complete peace of mind and maximum comfort by attending to every single aspect of the confinement experience. All of our confinement nannies undergo rigorous training based on an 88-hour syllabus, before being subject to another round of stringent evaluation to determine if they are ready to be deployed for assignments. Because at Confinement Angels, we go above and beyond to bring you only the best.

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