5 reasons you deserve the confinement nanny of your dreams

confinement nanny and baby

5 reasons you deserve the confinement nanny of your dreams

Article by Cherlynn Ng

Pregnant and wondering whether you should hire a confinement nanny? While some families might prefer to do everything themselves or have loved ones who can help to fill in, many parents are increasingly turning to confinement nannies for an extra helping hand. Even though it costs money to hire a confinement lady, you will find that it is cash well invested.

Here are five reasons you will love having a professional confinement nanny around:

1. Your transition will be easier

The arrival of your newborn, preparing confinement food to boost your recovery, keeping the house tidy and clean, taking care of everyone else in the family and so on. Suddenly, it seems like your never-ending to-do list just got longer and you are not sure how to cope. Help!

Not to worry. A confinement nanny will be the best assistant you can have during this time. Armed with a wealth of experience and knowledge, she can do all of the above tasks and more. Your confinement lady can assist with household chores to keep your humble abode spick and span, as well as prepare nutritious confinement meals to help you recover faster from childbirth. She will also be handy if you are a first-time parent struggling with her newborn or if you need breastfeeding advice.

With her valuable skills and expertise, a confinement nanny sure makes the transition from pregnancy and childbirth to parenthood and confinement much easier.

2. You get more time to bond with your newborn

The first month of your baby’s life can be a special yet overwhelming time. Having a confinement nanny to help you with the aforementioned tasks will leave you with more time to focus on what truly matters. This includes bonding and spending time with your newborn. You will also have more energy to devote towards your little one with menial chores out of the way.

3. You can focus on other areas

Similarly, the extra time you have can be spent pursuing your personal interests, hobbies and so on. Motherhood should not be seen as a loss of identity of your former self or giving up the things you used to do. You can embrace this new role without sacrificing your inner core. In the hustle and bustle of welcoming a baby, do not forget to practice self-care too.

4. She is a source of support and advice

You will be spending a lot of time at home with your confinement nanny, who also happens to be a great source of advice and comfort. Feel free to seek her counsel if you have any doubts or questions regarding your baby, or if you simply need a listening ear. The postpartum period can feel isolating and having the right emotional support can do wonders.

5. For you to fully enjoy motherhood

Motherhood is a blessing. Despite all the chaos and inevitable stress, it’s also a journey that you should enjoy to the fullest. Having someone you can trust and rely on after the exhausting process of childbirth will definitely make things more pleasant. A confinement lady helps to take the strain off your shoulders, be it physically, emotionally or mentally.


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