Sourcing for the best confinement nanny

Sourcing for the best confinement nanny

by CA Senior Confinement Nanny Trainer – Rachel Ang

Look out for all the tips below as these are the important training points which all CA’s certified confinement nanny is trained for.

Before being a confinement nanny, they must be trained to learn skills like:

1. The kind of gestures that is safe to use to help new born shower.
2. How to ensure new born has enough milk to drink.
3. What kind of confinement food is suitable for mothers to nurse their body and help to increase milk supply for breastfeeding mothers.
4. Guiding mummy during breastfeeding like how to make sure baby latch well, including positioning of latching, burping new born etc.
5. Various feeding method like bottle feeding, cup feeding, syringe feeding or spoon feeding if needed.
6. Swaddling baby during night time to make sure baby sleeps well.
7. Schedule feed to ensure baby’s intake (and no jaundice).
8. Ways of sterilizing bottles, breast pumps etc.
9. Learn about different medical/skin problems for new born.

What else after this?

As a competent confinement nanny in Confinement Angels, the basic condition we look for is always 1 of the simplest yet hardest indication; ‘a hearted person’.

Yet, what does ‘a hearted person’ means?

We look for not only experience but the 3 most important indication that comes from within. That is love, patience and tolerance, that only ‘a hearted person’ would be able to portray during her training/work.


Love, when you show love, you would be able to treat people like your family. As a mother who just delivered her new born, they need love. In their house, everyone is welcoming a new child, they would be worried, flustered, tired, they need love. A confinement nanny should be taking good care of them by showing love, doing their best as a nanny to take care of their daily needs.

Patience and Tolerance.

Patience is whereby nannies counsel and assist mothers and their families to take care of their new born babies. Teaching them how to take care of baby the right way, even when there could be hiccups along the way, correcting and understanding every family’s needs and concern.

In such instance, tolerance also comes into their duty. The challenges to be face together with mothers, new born babies and living together with their family.

With love, patience, tolerance, and all the above, nannies would then be able to work together to spend and create the most memorable experience and memories for mothers, new born babies and their family during the confinement month.

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