How to get rid of white spots on your nipples

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How to get rid of white spots on your nipples

Article by Rachel Ang & Cherlynn Ng

What should you do about white spots that appear on your nipples when you pump milk? Should you poke them with a needle? Of course not, because you risk nipple infection! Check out our step-to-step guide for mothers below.

1. Fill a small cup with warm water and bath salts

Directions: Mix a ratio of 1 teaspoon of bath salts with 2 spoons of warm water for the salt bath. Then Use the salt bath to soak your nipples for around 5 minutes.

This magical solution will help to soften any crusts and dead skin. It is known for being the most effective method for softening crusts.

2. Gently wipe your nipples with olive oil with a cotton pad

Directions: Wipe repeatedly until the skin of the white spots is worn away, allowing easier discharge of breast milk.

Similarly, this step helps to soften crusts and dead skin. You may also use any other edible oil. However, we discourage using baby oil because your infant might unwittingly consume it while breastfeeding. Not only will the oil reduce the chances of bruising, it also lowers the risk of affecting the taste of your breast milk.

We hope the above tips will ease your discomfort and enhance your breastfeeding journey. If you have further concerns, do not be afraid to seek professional advice from a lactation consultant or engage a pro-breastfeeding confinement nanny. A trained confinement lady will have the experience and expertise to provide you with the necessary guidance and support. Good luck!


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