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Nervous about delivering your baby? Follow these 5 life-saving tips

Article by Cherlynn Ng

Childbirth can be scary, especially if you are a first-time parent with no idea what to expect. Being prepared is half the battle won, so make sure you have checked out our lists of things to do before giving birth and what you should do after delivering your baby.

Nevertheless, we understand that you might be feeling more anxious and vulnerable than usual with your EDD approaching. Here are five tips to get you through this exciting yet nerve-wracking time!

1. Know that you are not alone

Are you picturing yourself all alone in the cold and dank delivery room? The truth is not as sterile and dreary as you might imagine. According to statistics, a total of 39,279 babies were born in Singapore in 2019. That works out to around 107 infants per day! For all you know, another mother might be giving birth in the delivery room next door at the same time as you.

Often, it is the uncertainty of childbirth that worries us unduly and not the act itself. To combat this fear, speak to mums who have gone through labour as they will be able to share accurate details about what to expect. Your doctor will also give you timely and vital information at each stage of your pregnancy.

2. Get insurance

Delivering a child can be unpredictable, which means that anything can happen. Getting insurance in advance is therefore not only prudent but essential as well. Look for a plan that provides maternity coverage and which matches your budget. Proper insurance coverage will save you a lot of grief and trouble in times of unexpected emergencies.

3. Share your fears with a loved one

This is not a journey that you have to embark on alone, even if you are the one carrying the baby. Having an understanding partner or loved one by your side to offer you support during this challenging period of your life can make everything seem a little less scary. Don’t be afraid to voice your concerns and fears. You might even be surprised to find yourself feeling more assured and at ease after speaking your mind!

4. Hire a confinement nanny

Are you plagued by anxiety about your increased workload after the arrival of your newborn? Don’t be. Look into hiring a confinement nanny to help you with important tasks such as taking care of your baby, preparing confinement meals and completing household chores. Besides saving you unnecessary stress, a confinement lady will also leave you with more time and energy to focus on recuperating after childbirth.

5. Stay relaxed

Did you know? Research has shown that women who are stressed seem to be at higher risk of giving birth prematurely. Rather than fretting over what’s to come, sit back and take things easy. Keeping calm while waiting for your baby to arrive not only stops you from overthinking scary scenarios that are unlikely to happen, but allows you to fully enjoy this wonderful time in life.


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