6 common household hazards you should protect your child from

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6 common household hazards you should protect your child from

Article by Cherlynn Ng

Because children are so vulnerable and innocent, even the most ordinary of items can be malicious for them. Here are some common household hazards you can keep a lookout for and fix accordingly so that your home remains a safe haven.

1. Solo baths

Drowning remains the leading cause of accidental death among children aged four and below, with more than 1,000 deaths every year. Parents need to practice adequate bathroom safety when it comes to young kids, and this includes never leaving them unattended in the bathtub — not even for just a few minutes. All it takes is seconds for things to turn awry and result in a fatal accident, so don’t let a momentary lapse in supervision become a lifetime of regret.

2. Blankets and pillows

Forget all the pillows, bolsters, blankets and stuffed toys adorning your baby’s crib. Not only does he not need them, these are actually safety hazards that can cause suffocation. It’s also important to invest a high-quality cot that meets safety guidelines to prevent freak accidents, such as your child getting trapped in a crevice.

3. Houseplants

Houseplants are a great yet convenient way of sprucing up your home in terms of aesthetics and indoor air quality. However, some common houseplants are actually toxic for children even though they pose no threat to adults. Always do some research before making any greenery a permanent addition in your home. The spider plant and African violet are wonderful non-toxic options that are both easy to maintain and pleasant to look at.

4. Lamps

Lamps are often overlooked as a safety hazard despite utilising electricity, heat and glass — all of which are dangerous for children. Fortunately, there are many precautions you can take such as only choosing lamps with a sturdy base so that they are not easily knocked over and placing them as far back on tables as safely possible to keep them out of reach.

5. Appliances and furniture

Did you install your television set safely? Have you baby-proofed your shelf? Children love climbing, and furniture is like an open invitation. Make sure that all your furniture and household appliances are properly secured to eliminate any chances of them tipping over or falling onto your child. For instance, place your heavy books and items only on bottom shelves and opt for a flat-screen television that you can attach to the wall.

5. Chemicals and toxins

Accidental poisoning is another leading risk factor among young kids. Being naturally curious, they will not hesitate to put whatever foreign objects they come across into their mouths. Parents should be diligent in keeping medicine, cleaning supplies and other toxic items out of children’s reach. The same goes for sharp objects and other choking hazards.

Ultimately, vigilance is key when it comes to keeping your little one safe. Even though baby-proofing is never 100% effective, you can do your part by making sure that everything at home is properly installed, secured and well-maintained. Proper supervision and keeping a close eye will significantly reduce the risk of danger befalling your child too.


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