Can you eat papaya during the confinement period?

Can you eat papaya during the confinement period?

Article by Cherlynn Ng

This is a common question among women and the papaya remains a controversial topic of debate when it comes to pregnancy and confinement. Well, let us clear your doubts once and for all.

You should avoid consuming papayas if you are trying to conceive as the papain it contains is known to inhibit estrogen production, which is responsible for infertility in women. The same goes for when you are pregnant. This is because unripe papayas contain latex substances that may trigger uterine contractions, thus resulting in early labour.

It’s a whole different story for mothers who are in confinement, however. Here are the perks of the papaya during postnatal care:

1.Papaya increases breast milk production

2.Papaya is high in dietary fiber, which prevents constipation during confinement

3.Papaya is a great source of potassium, which reduces tension in blood vessels and therefore helps to lower the risk of heart-related diseases

4.A rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants, papaya helps to protect new mothers against attacks by free radicals

Green papaya soup with fish is a popular confinement dish that can enhance your breast milk production. Ms Kang Phaik Gaik, senior nurse manager and senior lactation consultant at Mount Alvernia Hospital, advises adding the unripe papaya into soup only in the final 15 minutes of cooking to retain its milk-boosting benefit.

Being of a ‘warm’ nature, the papaya makes a great fruit to consume during confinement because a woman’s body becomes more ‘cooling’ (‘yin) after childbirth. To sum it up: Yes, papayas are safe for nursing mums so feel free to get creative with recipes!




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