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Are you a mum-to-be or a loving husband who is about to embark on an exciting parenting journey? What you need is a reliable, trained and hospital-certified confinement nanny. Our nannies consistently receive good customer feedback. Therefore, you can rest assured that your baby is in safe hands when you choose Confinement Angels.

Review By Mediacorp Artiste Joanne Peh


” I feel that Confinement Nanny Hui Ting really have our whole family at heart and this is the most important thing to me. ” ~ Joanne Peh


Singapore Confinement Nanny Centre

Confinement Angels is an accredited partner of Thomson Parentcraft Centre. We provide high-quality trained confinement nannies based on 5 days of Thomson ParentCraft Centre’s Confinement Nanny training syllabus, and 7 days of hands-on practical training.

You and your newborn baby will receive high level of personalised and professional care designed to support your comfort and fast postpartum recovery.




Why choose a Confinement Angels’ Nanny/Lady?

Confinement Angels has a stringent recruitment and selection program and only the nannies with the right attitude, correct service mindset and kind-hearted are allowed to join the training program. We understand that this matters a lot to you in order to have a pleasant personalised service to you and your baby.

The training program is based on Thomson Parentcraft Centre’s Confinement Nanny Training standards and it covers areas including the correct method for hand washing, baby bathing, carrying of baby, baby hygiene, baby burping, sanitising of baby items, knowledge of confinement herbs, confinement do and don’ts and so on.

The other key element of our training program is service mind-set and how to response to possible situations. For example; if a mother wishes not to have any ginger in her confinement food and yet the mother-in-law instructs otherwise, how best should our confinement nanny manage the situation. We believe this is important to ensure our nannies are a positive and pleasant member of the household in her service period.

Once training is completed, the nannies will be audited by a certified trainer from Thomson ParentCraft, and only those nannies who have passed this final test are considered qualified and will be carefully selected to serve you based on your needs.

Below is an actual example of “Certificate of Achievement” of our nanny. This ensures high standards of service you can expect from Confinement Angels.

Sok Wah Certificate

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How do we personalise our service to you?

When you call us, we will do our best to understand your needs and then carefully select the right Confinement Nanny that fits into your preferences. Our hotline 88288415 is on 24 hours and when need to talk to us on nanny’s service; we are always there for you!

We are confident with our selection and comprehensive training programs and on top of that we guarantee our services with a free replacement and we will do our very best to ensure there is no service interruption to you and your baby.

How do we ensure our nannies standards and keep improving them?

We will obtain each customer’s feedback including yours without fail in order for follow up coaching to be conducted by our Trainers to ensure the standard quality is maintained and further improved.

Your feedback is the deciding factor of the Customer Feedback Allowance for our nannies. This further motivates our nannies to always making sure that they provide the very best service to you and your baby.


Call us now at 8828 8415 – 8822 9131!