COVID-19 Measures


Warm greetings from Confinement Angels to all Daddies and Mummies!

The travel restrictions have greatly disrupted all industries, including ours, since 18th March 2020. It directly affects our ability to ensure a supply of trained and certified nannies to Singapore mummies and babies delivering in March, April, May, June, July and August 2020. In these 6 months, we are deploying our nannies in Singapore and we are proud to share that the Confinement Angels team is able to deliver our service commitments in such extraordinary challenges.

However, this group of nannies who have been in Singapore for 5 months are homesick and are heading back to Malaysia, even though our clients have taken great care of our nannies. We also ensure there is a minimal 2 nights rest in-between assignments. To address this issue, we have plans as below;

Deploying our Confinement Nannies who are in Malaysia

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) website and guidelines are constantly being updated. They have recently been updated for Phase 2. Kindly refer to the link below.

Once we obtain approval of work permits, our nannies in Malaysia will report to our training center in Johor Bahru first for screening by our Training Department. The nannies will stay one night for further observation and then travel to Singapore the following day after another round of general health screening by our Training Department.

There are additional requirements by MOM when we bring in the nannies from Malaysia and we will support you to manage it the best that we can. The nanny is to serve a 14-day Stay Home Notice (SHN) at a government-dedicated location at a cost of $1500 plus $200 for a swab test. Here is a screenshot on the MOM website:

confinement nanny in singapore

The total cost of $1700 by the government will be invoiced to us, the employment agency, who will manage it on your behalf.

We understand that the extra cost is unexpected to you and we have worked up a plan. To play our part in preventing the spread of COVID-19, and to give you a peace of mind that the nanny is COVID-19 free by committing to the 14-day SHN, we will be sharing the cost between Confinement Angels and clients right after your case is fulfilled. With this shared responsibility approach, we aim to achieve our common goals to serve you and your newborn. Kindly speak with our Consultants for details.

Deploying our Confinement Nannies who are in Singapore Now

  1. Transitionary rest is arranged for our confinement nannies in Singapore. With the support of our entire team and nannies, we have successfully minimized disruption for the past 8 weeks by transferring our nannies between assignments with a mandatory 2-night rest to ensure the nannies’ health, stamina and optimal alertness. The scenarios as below;
Scenario A All nannies will be arranged a 2-night transitionary rest Client to pay $150 for the 2 nights
Scenario B Nanny is assigned back-to-back cases, as agreed by Client due to urgent needs Refund of $150
Scenario C Nanny awaits more than 2 nights due to deployment date changes We will absorb the cost for additional accommodation nights

Kindly be advised that we have sourced for the best possible cost-efficient method – that also complies to safe distancing measures – for the nannies’ transitionary rest of 2 nights at $150 to be borne by Clients.

We understand that this may come to you as a surprise cost at this moment. As you can imagine, the nanny’s duties include supporting baby feed through many nights with interrupted sleep. We have discussed and listened to several of our nannies’ while considering different options, and this is the best direction forward for the nanny to be well-rested to support you and your baby from day one.

Disruptions due to COVID-19 restrictions

#1. Nanny not to leave residence for food marketing. This is in careful consideration that our nannies are the baby’s primary caregiver and in compliance to Circuit Breaker rules. Furthermore, our nannies may not be familiar with the safe distancing rules that are changing every day. This is also to prevent exposure to the virus.

#2. Delay in deployment of confinement nannies due to limited pool of nannies in Singapore and the plan of giving each nanny 2 nights of transitionary rest. With our best efforts, we will deploy the nanny when you are discharged from hospital. However, please plan ahead in the scenario whereby the nanny may be delayed for up to a week.

Due to several uncertainties and compliance by regulators beyond our control, do bear with us and expect delays. The safety of everyone is our utmost concern and top priority in nanny deployment and service.

Thank you and best wishes from Confinement Angels to you and your family.

Confinement Angels Team
Updated 3rd August 2020

For more information: https://www.mom.gov.sg/passes-and-permits/work-permit-for-confinement-nanny/covid-19-precautionary-measures-for-confinement-nannies

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