COVID-19 Measures







Warm greetings from Confinement Angels to all Daddies and Mummies!


Phase 2 (Heighten Alert) did not state that deployment of confinement nanny is restricted based on latest national news and MOM website.


Travel Restrictions have greatly disrupted all industries and ours included since 18th March 2020 Msia-Spore border closures.


It directly affects our ability to ensure supply of trained nannies to Singapore mummies and babies delivering for the past year. We are deploying our nannies who continues to stay in Singapore and doing our very best to delivery our service standards.


However, this group of nannies who are in Singapore for many months are home sick and some are heading back to Malaysia, even though our clients have taken great care of our nannies.


Rested Nanny is crucial to maintain her focus and alertness to care for mummy and baby. We will arrange a minimal 2 nights of transitionary rest in-between assignments. However, this may delay the deployment of nanny to you. In such circumstances our Consultants will alert you and discuss on potential deployment of confinement food first before the Nanny arrival.


Compliance to Government Regulations is reminded to all Nannies and any flouting of safe distancing rules will be dealt with strictly. Nannies are reminded to report if they experience any symptoms. If the Nanny has visited a Doctor and given a medical rest, swap test and monitoring, she will be not assign for work until the medical rest period/monitor is completed and result satisfactory.


Swap Test of Nanny before deployment of confinement nanny can be arranged at the instruction and cost bear by Client of about $160. The PCR test result from laboratory is about 1 day +, hence please be prepared for a probability of delayed deployment of nanny.


Prior to assigning to your residence, our nannies are mainly ‘confined’ in the prior client residence.


Vaccinated Nanny is currently only a handful in our pool of nannies and it is ongoing. If our nanny has vaccination appointment, please allow her to fulfill her appointment.


Insurance for Nanny will be arranged by us and it covers a standard $15000 Foreign Worker Medical, inclusive of COVID19 treatment. If you wish to increase this coverage, do inform our Consultant.




Deployment Logistics is arranged by our dedicated car and temperature checks will be noted down and reported to the team.


While working Nanny not to leave residence for food marketing this is in careful consideration that our nannies are the baby’s primary care giver.


Due to several uncertainties and compliance by regulators beyond our control, do bear with us and expect delays. The safety for everyone is our utmost concern and top priority in nanny deployment and service.


Thank you and best wishes from Confinement Angels to you and your family.


Confinement Angels Team

Updated 15th May 2021

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