Confinement Nanny Training

Confinement Lady Training

Our lead Trainers have completed the confinement nanny training programme by Wings and KK Hospital. Couple with their years of practical experience assisting clients, our trainers are the very best qualified in Singapore.

Our Trainers trains each and every of our confinement ladies on hygiene and safety mindset, hands-on practices of SOPs, and are coached on the right service attitude. A final test is conducted and only competent nannies are certified to join our team!

Stage 1: Interview

At Confinement Angels, we understand that a confinement nanny is required to possess relevant working experience and hands-on knowledge. We take these aspects into consideration before hiring, as taking care of a new born is a specialised field. Thus, we conduct an interview to ascertain that our nannies have the right qualities, aptitude and compassion required to work in this field.

Stage 2: Training

After candidates clear the interview, they are required to attend the Confinement Angel’s Nanny training program. Our training classes will empower our nannies with professional knowledge and skills based on the standard of hospital practices. This specialised training is provided to even the most experienced nannies and they are required to pass an aptitude test. We pay a great deal of attention to training in order to provide you with piece of mind.

The training program will provide nannies with skills on baby care, hygiene standards, confinement diet planning and understanding of traditional Chinese medicine and breastfeeding. This training also gives our nannies confidence to attend to your new born in professional, yet modern manner.

Stage 3: Evaluation

A lot of important aspects are considered when evaluating a potential confinement nanny. While their ability to perform is important, other aspects that require evaluation include their attitude, aptitude and personality.

Stage 4: Medical Check-Up

After clearing the Evaluation Stage, our nannies are required to undergo a thorough medical check-up to ensure that they are free from infectious diseases, medical check-up such as Chest X Ray, Urine Test, Hepatitis B and HIV. We are careful to employ only healthy candidates.

Stage 5: Employment and Quality Control

After completing the above stages, candidates will move on to the next stage of becoming Confinement Angels’/Nannies, and they are required to undertake a minimum of 8 to 10 assignments on an annual basis.

With this, they will obtain the benefits of an active employment, enriching their life experience, and the ability to learn and adapt to different families’ requirements and needs.

We also encourage customers’ feedback to better evaluate our nannies. We conduct refresher sessions on a regular basis to make sure that our nannies’ skills and knowledge are up-to-date.

Pictures below, confinement nannies undergone training in our Training Centre:

confinement nanny cert

Training Certificate

Training Centre Address:
No 16 Jalan Dataran Larkin 5,
Johor Bahru 80350,
Johor Malaysia

Person In-charge:
Miss Vandy/Rachel
+6 011- 1888 1924 or +6 012 – 777 1015

Singapore Recruitment:
Hotline +65 90896264

Malaysian female candidates who is interested to join our confinement nanny training program, please call us.

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