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Ask the Pregnancy and Baby Experts
26 April – 30 April

Filled with mind-boggling questions about your pregnancy and parenting journey?

Serious About Preschool has invited leading confinement nanny agency Confinement Angels, baby-product market leader Pigeon Singapore and prominent Instagram influencer Sharon Tang to standby for a 5-day Q&A session, where we answer everything you have ever wanted to know as a parent!

Date: 26th – 30th April
HERE (Serious About Preschool Facebook thread)

Post your pregnancy or baby questions in our Facebook thread and our experts on standby will answer them from 26-30 April! Feeling shy? Simply PM us!

Past Events

Healthy Mum Healthy Bump Webinar
Sun, 21st Mar | 3PM-5PM

Chinese Physician

Madam Partum
TCM Pregnancy Care
• Different focus on each trimester
• What to do and avoid during pregnancy

Rachel Ang - Senior Confinement Nanny Trainer
Senior Confinement
Nanny Trainer

Confinement Angels
Basic Preparation Before Confinement
• Preparation steps for mummies during pregnancy
• What do parents need to take note of when welcoming a newborn

Financial Services Associate Director

Qiren Organisation
Get protected with AIA PA Lite
• Who is Qiren Organisation?
• Find out how you can get protected financially with AIA PA Lite

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Virtual Baby Fair 2020
Sun, 22nd Nov | 4PM-6PM

How do you survive confinement with and without a confinement nanny? Come join us at the Virtual Baby Fair 2020, where Confinement Angels’ senior confinement nanny trainer, Rachel Ang, will be sharing valuable insights on the topic!

The live-stream event will take place via Zoom on 22 Nov, from 4pm to 6pm.

There will be free gifts worth $80, lucky draws and exclusive deals for all participants, so don’t miss it!



Successful Breastfeeding Webinar
Sun, 25th Oct | 3PM-5PM

Rachel Ang - Senior Confinement Nanny Trainer
Rachel Ang
Senior Confinement
Nanny Trainer

Confinement Angels
Successful Ways to Baby Latching
• Preparations before breastfeeding
• How to assist mummy with correct latching positions to ensure baby latches well?
• How to know whether baby is drinking enough during breastfeeding?

Yen Lim - Founder of Madam Partum
Yen Lim
Founder of
Madam Partum

Madam Partum
How To Improve Your Breastfeeding Supply
• Back to Breastfeeding Basics
• TCM perspective on low milk supply
• How to boost your milk production with meridian massage and TCM herbs?

Ben Tang - Associate Director of Qiren Organisation
Ben Tang
Associate Director of
Qiren Organisation

Qiren Organisation
Cover Them With More Tender Loving Care

• Who is Qiren Organisation?
• Be Protected with AIA New Life Plan

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Nature a smart baby from bump and beyond’s event  on 29th June 2019

Dr Wong Boh Boi class on 4th Jan 2019

Class Topic:
1. Knowing the True and False Practice of Confinement
2. How to Enhance Baby’s Brain from Conception and Beyond

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