4 signs that your newborn is going through a ‘growth spurt period’

baby growth spurt

4 signs that your newborn is going through a ‘growth spurt period’

Article by Rachel Ang & Cherlynn Ng

Have you noticed your newborn being difficult and wanting to be carried more than usual when they are almost a month old? Do they seem more irritable or require extra feedings? This is actually because they are experiencing the very first growth spurt of their lives.

Known as the baby’s growth spurt period, it usually occurs for the first time at around 21 days of age. Another spurt will take place between 6 and 8 weeks. After that, you can expect more at 3 months, 6 months and 9 months. If you ever feel like your kids grow up so quickly, now you know why!

To identify when your infant is going through a growth spurt period, look out for these 4 tell-tale signs:

1. Crying more than usual
2. Wanting to be carried
3. Increased hunger and additional feeding
4. Increase in bowel movements

These are all butterfly effects caused by changes in the baby’s body during their development. As their eyesight improves, they can see things and people more clearly. This makes them more active, attention-seeking and curious about their surroundings. However, they also get tired easily, find it hard to sleep well and become cranky.

Of course, every newborn is different, so some may have less dramatic or noticeable spurts. Avoid stressing about how much your baby is growing and definitely refrain from comparing their size to other infants. Everyone grows at their own rate and speed even you!

Here are some suggested tips on what you can do during this a growth spurt period:

1. Be patient, attentive and caring
2. Let your baby have enough sleep
3. Feed your baby when they are hungry
4. Don’t forget to take care of yourself

You may feel like each growth spurt cycle will never end, but most actually only last a few days. As long as mothers keep a lookout for changes in their baby, pay close attention to their needs and comfort them, they can help their child to pass this stage quickly. Appreciate every change and enjoy every moment because before you know it, your little one won’t be so little anymore.


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