7 valuable lessons you can learn from your confinement nanny

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7 valuable lessons you can learn from your confinement nanny

Article by Cherlynn Ng

A confinement nanny is a highly specialised role that requires hours of training and multiple rounds of tests and evaluation. Not only do her tasks differ from that of a domestic helper’s, she also comes equipped with a generous wealth of knowledge and skills.

While a confinement lady is here to help you and your family out, don’t be surprised to find that the postpartum period will be a priceless learning journey as well. Here are seven valuable lessons you can learn from your confinement nanny.

1. How to feed your newborn

Newborns are especially fragile and vulnerable. They also have no means of verbally communicating their desires and fears, so how do you know what it is that they want or when they are hungry? A confinement nanny, thanks to her vast experience, can effectively guide you on this. With their help, you will also be able to develop a healthy and appropriate feeding schedule for your little one.

2. How to bathe your newborn properly

For first-time parents, this might be one of the trickiest tasks and leave you fumbling. In fact, drowning is the major cause of death for children under five years. An unsupervised bathroom is akin to an accident waiting to happen. With so many things to watch out for, bathing your baby can feel overwhelming.

Having a confinement nanny around will make this seem less daunting, however. She will know the ideal water temperature, what items you will require, the right way to hold a newborn, and how to calm them down when they begin crying.

3. How to dress your baby

Anxious about whether your infant is too warm or too cold in his clothes? Are you using suitable diapers and how often should you change them? Your confinement nanny has all the answers and will know how best to keep your child in optimal comfort at all times.

4. How to get your baby to sleep

A fussy newborn that refuses to sleep is another common struggle that parents often face. You probably dread the idea of having to get up throughout the night to tend to a wailing tot. Fret not — a confinement nanny will not only do that on your behalf and allow you to enjoy unbroken sleep. She will also teach you how to get your infant to enter — and stay — in his slumber for when your confinement is over.

5. How to cook confinement meals

Postpartum mums require a nourishing and balanced diet to help them recuperate after they are weakened by childbirth. Knowing what to consume and what to avoid will make a huge difference in how fast you can recover and bounce back.

Moreover, different foods have varying healing properties and benefits so there is no one-size-fits-all diet. A confinement nanny will be able to advise you according to your needs and tackle any issues you may have, whether it’s food to reduce water retention or a diet to fight postpartum depression. Think of her as your personal nutritionist.

6. How to cook confinement meals

Not sure what equipment or materials you will need? Struggling with getting your infant to latch on properly? Feeling sore or in discomfort all the time? These are all issues that breastfeeding mums often face, so do not feel guilty or awkward if you need help. A confinement lady can share appropriate advice and guide you through this challenging process. She can also prepare tasty meals that will help you to boost lactation and improve breast milk supply if needed.

7. Sit back and enjoy motherhood

Highly trained in baby care, your confinement nanny will be more than happy to impart her knowledge and skills to you. Her presence also allows you to enjoy peace of mind as you adjust to motherhood. Additionally, she will prove to be a reliable source of support, advice and encouragement during this challenging period of your life.


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