8 things to look out for when engaging a freelance confinement nanny

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8 things to look out for when engaging a freelance confinement nanny

Article by Cherlynn Ng

Thinking of hiring a confinement lady but not sure where to start looking? Parents usually first consider whether they want to engage a confinement agency or source for freelance options. In this article, we share some advice that can help you to make a better-informed decision.

Hiring freelance confinement nannies, while admittedly cheaper, can actually be a risky move. Pregnancy and childbirth are highly unpredictable events, which means that changes to your delivery date are more than likely. This brings about concerns such as whether your freelance nanny will still be available and arrive as planned despite unforeseen circumstances. Moreover, freelance nannies are not required to undergo annual medical checks to ensure that they are in the pink of health before coming into contact with newborns.

Here are eight things to take note of when hiring a freelance nanny:

1. Has the confinement nanny undergone professional training?

As taking care of a newborn is a specialised field, all nannies are required to possess relevant working experience and hands-on knowledge before joining Confinement Angels. Hard skills aside, an interview will also be conducted to ascertain that the nanny has the right qualities, aptitude and compassion required to work in this role.

Our dedicated trainers invest at least 120 hours in each nanny, from the interview stage to the extensive training process and until they have attained the final certification. We continuously align our training programmes to meet the needs and expectations of Singapore mums, as well as modern medicine practices with doctors and TCM physicians. Listening to our clients and experienced nannies have also provided an excellent feedback loop to constantly enhance our 88-hour training program.

Upon completing their training, nannies will undergo a stringent audit and only those who pass will be deployed for assignments in Singapore.

2. Does the confinement nanny have high standards in postpartum care and baby safety?

Nannies at Confinement Angels are equipped with in-depth knowledge, skills and expertise in a wide range of areas such as breastfeeding support, proper hygiene methods, baby safety practices and confinement diet planning so that they provide only the highest standards of confinement care.

Additionally, they are required to undertake a minimum of 8 to 10 assignments on an annual basis. This will not only allow them to enjoy the benefits of an active employment and enrich their life experience, but also nurtures their ability to learn and adapt to the requirements and needs of different families.

3. Does the confinement nanny undergo annual medical checkups?

With the newborn’s safety in mind, all of our nannies are required to go through an annual medical check-up for Hepatitis B and HIV to ensure that they are healthy to work with you.

4. Is your confinement nanny guaranteed to arrive?

Confinement Angels understands the struggles and discomfort that a mother goes through, whether it is during pregnancy or after childbirth. This is why we aim to make the confinement experience as smooth and luxurious as possible.

Once a customer books our services, we guarantee the arrival of your confinement nanny regardless of when your actual delivery date is. Let us take care of the confinement process from start to end. You’ve earned it.

5. Can you replace your nanny if things do not work out?

At Confinement Angels, our consultants are more than happy to listen to your concerns in the rare event that you are dissatisfied with your nanny. Our team will then work together to offer solutions and guidance. In several cases, aligning the client’s expectations and communications with the nanny’s work has seen a high chance of improvement, thus avoiding the hassle of a replacement process.

If a replacement is the only or best solution, we will identify and address the core issues so that we can match the client with another nanny who is best suited to fulfil your needs.

6. Do you have freedom in choosing your confinement nanny?

All of our nannies possess a Certificate of Excellence but they are further divided into three categories: Certified nannies, 3-Star nannies and 6-Star nannies.

After completing their training, our nannies will undergo exams and audits at our training centre, where they will be rated. Some factors that we take into consideration during the process are the nanny’s attitude and hygiene standards. Once a nanny passes this round, they will begin their duties as a certified nanny.

At the end of every assignment, clients will be sent a feedback form to rate their nanny’s performance. Three important areas we look into are the nanny’s hygiene level, skills in baby handling and her attitude.

Nannies are promoted to 3 stars when they have received at least 3 to 5 excellence feedback, while 6-star nannies are those who have received at least 6 or more excellent feedback. This also means that they have assisted and worked with more families.

7. Do you have anyone to turn to if you need customer support?

As a service-centric company, we recognise that there may be unexpected developments and the risk of things going wrong even with detailed planning. We manage these risks and changes by having a solid team capability to support your needs throughout your confinement period. We also actively keep close communication with all key stakeholders to ensure that we address any concerns as early as possible.

8. Is your confinement nanny endorsed by celebrities and VIPs?

Confinement Angels has served numerous celebrities and public figures during their confinement, all of whom have left glowing reviews of praise. These include local actor-director Joanne Peh, martial artist and former actor Vincent Ng, Singapore’s top influencer Naomi Neo, as well as YouTube Star Jianhao Tan and his influencer wife Debbie Soon. We have also been featured in the media and on television.


P.S – Known as the celebrities’ choice, Confinement Angels provides parents with complete peace of mind and maximum comfort by attending to every single aspect of the confinement experience. All of our confinement nannies undergo rigorous training based on an 88-hour syllabus, before being subject to another round of stringent evaluation to determine if they are ready to be deployed for assignments. Because at Confinement Angels, we go above and beyond to bring you only the best.

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