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Why whitebait powder is the ideal supplement for pregnant mums and babies

whitebait powder

Why whitebait powder is the ideal supplement for pregnant mums and babies


Made from herring, whitebait powder is a fish supplement for babies aged above six months and pregnant mothers. The whitebait is harvested freshly from the sea, sun-dried, baked and then grinded into powder for easy consumption.

Whitebait is a great source of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), Omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, Vitamin K and protein — all of which are power ingredients for pregnant mums and growing babies. Being rich in phosphorus, it is also excellent nutrition for babies in the early stages of childhood. Additionally, it contains the antioxidant selenium which prevents heart disease.

whitebait powder

Whitebait is often mistaken as ikan bilis or anchovies, but they are actually two different species. As whitebait contains more nutrients and is seasonal, it is also higher in price.

Wen’s whitebait powder is made using fresh whitebait with extremely low natural sodium content, and is therefore not a salt or flavouring replacement. This is also what makes it suitable for babies as young as six months old.

herring whitebait


Finesse in Quality Assurance: Consistency and quality is key for Wen’s, who prides itself on its ability to control every stage of the production process right from the beginning. This ensures that only the best is brought to Wen’s customers.

Higher in Nutritional Values: Wen’s laboratory test results shows that its whitebait is higher in nutritional levels such DHA and calcium as compared to similar brands in Singapore. It also contains the least sodium among all Singapore brands.

whitebait powder

Strong Supply Chain Management: The importance of supply management is crucial to any business. Wen’s 230 kelongs in different waters of Riau empowers it to maintain an endless supply of whitebait regardless of season and even through the fish’s low breeding seasons.

Wen’s whitebait power is also the first powdered product to be in Singapore’s Baby Fairs, such as Mummy’s Market – Baby World, Baby Land and Super Mom


wen's whitebait powder

1. Nova glass bottle (70g, $25.90)

2. Refill pack in food ziploc packaging (70g, $22.90)

3. Jumbo pack in food ziploc packaging (200g, $61.90)

4. Mini pack in food ziploc packaging (14g, $5.90)

Wen’s started with whitebait powder as their sole core product, which they focused on for the first 1.5 years in the market. They recently launched ikan bilis and scallop powder, as well as crunchy whitebait which has won the hearts of numerous adults and toddlers.


Wen’s products are all made fresh weekly. Purchases can be done on their website www.wens.sg. For recipes and promotions, follow them out Facebook and Instagram @wenswhitebaitpowder.


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