5 fun activities to enjoy as a family while staying at home due to Covid-19

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5 fun activities to enjoy as a family while staying at home due to Covid-19

Article by Cherlynn Ng

In the time of coronavirus, phrases such as quarantine, work from home, home-based learning and social distancing have become commonplace. Some of us might be getting bored from being cooped up indoors all day, while others might be restless from not being able to meet our friends or engage in our favourite leisure activities.

Why not see it as a blessing that you are safe and take this opportunity to bond with your family? There are a variety of fun activities you can partake in to help time pass faster or keep yourselves occupied. The possibilities are endless but here are five ideas to get you started!

1. Prepare dinner together

When was the last time everyone in the household sat down for a meal together? Thanks to the fast-paced society we live in and our busy schedules, it might be hard expecting everyone to arrive home in time for dinner pre-coronavirus era. And even then, the responsibility of whipping up a meal more often than not falls on the shoulders of one person.

Well, there’s no excuse now. Try planning and preparing a meal together as a family. Everyone can chip in by volunteering for different chores: shopping for groceries, prepping the ingredients, setting the table, washing the dishes and so on. Remember to practice mindfulness during the meal by putting away all electronic devices and phones. Spend time catching up with your family members and asking about one another’s day instead.

2. Declutter

There is no better time to summon your Marie Kondo energy or start on that DIY project that you have been putting off for way too long. Get rid of things you don’t need or donate them to the needy. A cleaner, brighter home awaits you!

If you are still unconvinced, research shows that a decluttered house has been known to boost creativity and productivity, reduce stress and anxiety, as well as improve sleep. You might even be able to discover long-forgotten treasures while ridding your house of allergens. A neater home also means that it is easier to clean and tidy.

3. Have a family movie night

Going to the cinema can be expensive, especially if you take into account the jacked-up prices on weekends and paying for theatre snacks. Why not make your own popcorn and curl up on the sofa with an entertaining movie? You can make full use of streaming services and hook them up on the family television, rent DVDs and more. Telcos such as Singtel and Starhub are also offering free access to more channels during this circuit breaker period.

4. Read to your children

Parents with young children can read to them ⁠— an activity that is both entertaining and educational. Don’t worry even if you do not have an arsenal of books at home. The National Library Board has more than 725,000 e-books and audiobooks that you can borrow on its NLB mobile app or the Libby app. You can also shop online with both local and international bookstores, many of which offer free delivery.

5. Work out together

Many have lamented the lack of exercise facilities after it was announced that gyms, yoga studios, playgrounds and fitness corners would all be closed as part of circuit breaker measures. Do not despair, however. There are a wide range of workouts that you can do at home. Online fitness classes, workouts apps and video tutorials are all at your disposal during this time.

Why not pick a workout that suits the whole family and set aside a dedicated time for it? Even better if you can come up with a regular routine and stick to it. Studies have shown that working out in a group setting can boost motivation and make you less likely to bail on your gym buddies. A family that exercises together, stays together!

These tough times will not last forever. In the meantime, we can all do our part by being socially responsible and following keep up-to-date with the latest Covid-19 developments. Take care and stay safe!


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