7 wonderful reasons to give your baby a sibling

big family perks

7 wonderful reasons to give your baby a sibling

Article by Cherlynn Ng

Thinking of expanding your family but worried that it might be too overwhelming? Sure, a second child might mean an increase in expenses (check out our money-saving tips here!) and resources. But those are overshadowed by the perks and benefits of having a big, happy and loving family. Check out these seven reasons that will sway your mind!

1. They have someone to split chores with

Housework can be exhausting and boring, as you are probably familiar with. Children might find that having a sibling to split chores with allows the job to be done even more quickly and efficiently. Besides sharing the burden such that no one person is overloaded, household chores are also a good opportunity for siblings to bond and have fun together!

2. They become more mature

Having a younger companion will be a valuable learning experience for your child. Living under one roof means that it’s likely they will squabble and fight for your attention, over toys and whatnot. However, it is also through these little altercations that your child will learn how to be more patient and tolerant.

Do not worry about sibling rivalry — it can be beneficial in healthy doses. As long as parents manage and mediate disputes properly, children will be able to learn and become more mature from them. You might even be surprised when your kids grow closer after their fights blow over!

3. They become a protector

Siblings can look out for each other outside of home, such as in school or at the playground. The older child tends to take on the role of protector or bodyguard, while younger siblings have someone to look up to. Suffice to say, they certainly bring out the best in each other!

4. They have someone to grow up with

As distant as it might seem, we will not be around for our children forever. And wouldn’t it be nice if your child isn’t all alone when that day comes? Having a sibling also means being able to lean on each other and provide emotional support in times of hardship, instead of one person being left to fend for themselves.

Sure, we might have close friends that we can count on, but the blood connection and lifelong bond we share with our siblings is irreplaceable. Our siblings, who have been with us through the ups and downs of childhood, are like no other. Friends come and go, but family is forever.

5. They have a listening ear

It’s unrealistic to expect your child to tell you everything on their mind, especially as they grow older and become increasingly concerned about privacy. They might also be hesitant to share things with you out of a fear of getting into trouble. Not to worry, however, as this is simply part and parcel of parenthood.

Fortunately, siblings can provide a listening ear or comfort each other when needed because they share an entirely different bond; one without judgment or the stigma of speaking your mind. They can even impart wisdom to each other!

6. They have a new playmate

Having someone close in age to play with will help your child keep boredom at bay. Not only will your kids learn how to share their toys, they will also be able to entertain and occupy each other. Older children can be entrusted to watch over their younger siblings as well, which is effective in nurturing their sense of responsibility. Additionally, this frees up time for you to work on other tasks around the house or even take a much-needed break.

7. They learn how to be selfless

Remember how you felt when you first gave birth to your baby? That unconditional love you feel coursing through your entire being, that sense of awe and wonderment, and how you would do anything for him? Well, your child will experience something similar when he lays eyes on his new sibling for the first time.


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