7 ways to sleep well as a new mum and after giving birth

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7 ways to sleep well as a new mum

Article by Cherlynn Ng

You might think that welcoming a baby equals sleepless nights, sacrificing alone time and a never-ending to-do list. While it’s true that caring for your newborn will not be a bed of roses, things aren’t going to be dreary as you have imagined them to be.

Parenthood doesn’t mean that you have to stop indulging in self-care or put your personal life on hold. Neither should you neglect your own physical and mental health. Check out these tips for getting a good night’s rest, which will leave you rejuvenated and all the more productive!

1. Ensure a regular sleep pattern for your baby

Your baby is probably the number 1 reason that keeps you up at night, whether it’s due to incessant crying or you simply being a worrywart. Therefore, knowing that your little one is deep in slumber will give you a peace of mind and allow you to catch up on some much-needed zzzs. This can be done by training your child to have regular bedtimes and sleeping patterns.

2. Establish a bedtime routine

Now that you’ve got your baby all settled, it’s time for you to turn in too! Prep your body and mind for bedtime by establishing a nightly routine, which will help you to fall asleep quicker and improve sleep quality.

Some tips you can follow:

  • Give yourself time to wind down and decompress from the day
  • Avoid alcohol, cigarettes and heavy meals in the evening
  • Take a warm bath two to three hours before bed
  • Refrain from using your phone your electronic gadgets in bed
  • Stick to a sleep schedule e.g. same bedtime and wake-up time every day

3. Avoid late nights

Keeping to a consistent sleep schedule means that late nights should be avoided as much as possible. Try entertaining guests and having visitors over only in the day so that sleep disruption is kept to a minimum. Social activities can also leave one feeling overwhelmed and over-excited, so it’s best if they are conducted during daytime. Of course, this does not mean you have to give up your social life entirely. You just need to plan your calendar wisely.

4. Maintain an optimal diet

It goes without saying that what you eat and put inside your body has a significant impact on your sleep quality. Some foods ensure your physical well-being by repairing your body and ensuring that it heals well. Others take care of the mental aspect by uplifting your spirits and alleviating the risks of postpartum depression. You should also eliminate caffeine and alcohol from your diet so that you aren’t kept up all night.

5. Take a herbal bath

Herbal baths are known for their health benefits and soothing properties. Not only do they help to rid you of any ailing pains, they also relieve stress and tension. Drained by childbirth or had a tough day? Soaking in a herbal bath is revitalising and will even allow you to bounce back faster.

6. Spice up your room

Essential oils and scented candles add a nice touch to any room. Choose fragrances that can help soothe and relax you, therefore helping you fall into a deep slumber. Some popular choices are lavender, lemon, jasmine, peppermint and cinnamon.

7. Delegate responsibilities

Get your loved ones to chip in and take the weight off your shoulders. They can assist with household chores, take turns to babysit or run errands on your behalf. Just because you are your newborn’s main caretaker does not mean you have to do everything on your own.

Some families also choose to hire a professional confinement nanny to ease their burden. Engaging a confinement lady is a wise choice because she can help out in many ways, from cooking confinement meals and giving breastfeeding advice to taking care of your baby and doing housework. You also gain an extra friend and listening ear!


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