5 yummy confinement dishes that will improve your breast milk supply

tasty confinement food

5 yummy confinement dishes that will improve your breast milk supply

Article by Cherlynn Ng

As a new mum, you might be facing unfamiliar challenges or struggling with more than one problem at the same time. Maybe you are experiencing low breast milk supply. Or perhaps you are stressed and losing sleep. It’s important to maintain a nutritious diet during this crucial postpartum period, so that you can stay in top form physically, emotionally and mentally.

Get the best of both worlds with these popular confinement dishes that are both nourishing and delicious. Not a fan of cooking or can’t find the time? A professional confinement lady will amaze you with what she can do in the kitchen!

1. Green papaya salad or soup

The papaya is a subject of controversy when it comes to pregnancy and confinement because there are often conflicting opinions about whether you should incorporate it into your diet. Well, here’s the truth once and for all: While you should avoid consuming papayas when trying to conceive or if you are expecting a baby (here’s why!).

However, it’s a different story for postpartum mums. Papayas are often used in confinement dishes thanks to their lactogenic effect and breast milk-boosting properties. They are also a great source of potassium, vitamins and antioxidants that will keep you in top form.

Some yummy dishes you can prepare with this power fruit are green papaya fish soup and green papaya salad. If you are making a salad, you also have the freedom of adding whichever fruits, vegetables and nuts strike your fancy. Packed with goodness, salads and soups are the ideal accompaniment to any meal.

2. Roasted sweet potatoes

The sweet potato makes a tasty dish all on its own when roasted. You can also top it off with a seasoning of your choice, such as cheese and butter. Just one medium sweet potato meets the daily recommendation of vitamin A for breastfeeding mummies. It is also exceptionally rich in beta-carotene, which is known to boost breast milk supply and help with lactation.

3. Glazed carrots

Fun fact: Carrots were first grown as medicine for a variety of ailments. That should tell you a lot about their extensive health benefits! Just like sweet potatoes, carrots are high in beta-carotene, vitamins and antioxidants. On top of strengthening your immune system, it is also a galactagogue that stimulates the production of breast milk. For a hassle-free yet healthy snack, try glazing carrots.

4. Herbal black chicken soup

There’s a reason why herbal black chicken soup is so popular in postpartum diets. According to research, black chicken offers higher levels of iron and nutrients, but lower fat content, as compared to regular chicken. Not only is this mouth-watering dish easy to prepare, it is also filled with nutritious herbs such as dang gui, huai shan and wolfberry. Additionally, it is famed for being particularly nourishing for women as it helps to replenish blood loss, improve blood circulation as well as revitalise energy levels.

5. Ginger fried rice

Looking for a main course to include in your confinement meal? Ginger fried rice is the perfect dish. Simple to whip up, it is great for improving energy levels and dispelling excess wind after childbirth. You can also customise the recipe according to your needs e.g. adding more meat and vegetables for an extra dose of iron and vitamins.

The Internet is full of fun and interesting recipes, so get creative! If you find household chores such as cooking too tedious or daunting after giving birth, don’t worry. Many new parents feel the same way and have a confinement nanny to help ease the burden.


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