Best confinement soups to enjoy during your postpartum period

confinement soup

Best confinement soups to enjoy during your postpartum period

Article by Cherlynn Ng

Eating well is an integral part of confinement and what better way to boost your diet than with a piping hot bowl of soup? Imagine washing down your meal with a delicious mouthful of soup as warmth and comfort spreads through your whole body. Not only are soups relatively easy to prepare as long as you have the right ingredients, they also provide a host of benefits from speeding up your recovery process and improving breast milk supply.

Black beans herbal soup

There are many variations to this dish, with some choosing to use black chicken and others opting for pork ribs. This nourishing soup is highly beneficial for mothers who have just gone through labour as it helps to replenish blood cells and boost your strength. High in proteins and low in fat, it can be combined with a bowl of white rice for a complete meal.

2. Chicken herbal soup

This is a classic that you shouldn’t go without. Despite using minimal herbs, it effectively promotes blood circulation and healing. Mums in confinement might want to double boil the soup with more herbs and make it more concentrated for an extra boost. Throw in some wolfberries, which are high in antioxidants, to help counter fatigue.

3. Longan with turtle soup

Besides giving the soup a natural sweetness, longans are also known to induce relaxation and act as a sleeping aid.  Meanwhile, turtle meat is ideal for those seeking to heal from pregnancy and labour, especially if you have just gone through surgery. This mouth-watering soup also helps to fight various ailments such as asthma, shortness of breath and urinary infections. Remember to wash the turtle thoroughly, including the shell, which is a wonderful source of collagen. Say hello to youthful skin!

4. Deer antler healing soup

Like its name suggests, this nourishing soup warms the body and aids in recuperation. Not only does it keep one hydrated, it also eliminates wind and flushes the body of toxins. The only downside is that the ingredients of deer antler and Korean ginseng, especially high-quality ones, can be a little hard to find. Make sure to get them from a reputable source as there are many counterfeit herbs out there. The challenge will be worth it though, especially when you experience that lingering ‘fire’ aftertaste.

5. Papaya fish soup

Sweet, nutritious and beloved by all, this soup is perfect for breastfeeding women. Use green papaya if your main goal is to increase breast milk supply. Otherwise, simply enjoy the dish’s high dose of protein, vitamins and nutrients. To make it a complete meal, blanch some noodles or bee hoon and add it into the soup. Yum!

5. Sweet potato and ginger soup

Got a sweet tooth? This traditional Cantonese dessert helps to eliminate toxins from the body and can be enjoyed by the entire family. Heaty in nature due to its ginger content, it is best savoured on cold days. It is also high in natural sugars and makes a great thirst quencher.

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