5 things you should never do after a C-section

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5 things you should never do after a C-section

Article by Cherlynn Ng

It can happen to anyone. Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances dictate that a cesarean birth is necessary. The important thing here is you have overcome both pregnancy and labour —and have a healthy, bouncing baby to go home with! Now is the time to focus on healing — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Here are five things you should avoid doing during this postpartum period.

1. Don’t feed bad for not having a natural birth

Feeling guilt or shame for undergoing a C-section? Don’t. All mothers are amazing and a cesarean birth doesn’t make you a lesser person. Ignore unhealthy misconceptions about how women who had a natural delivery without any epidurals are more noble than their counterparts, and do not let the anti-cesarean camp get you down.

Everyone’s body is different and has varying needs. Rather than dwelling about how you didn’t have a vaginal birth, focus your time and energy on bonding with your baby instead. In fact, you should feel proud for conquering nine months of pregnancy to reach this remarkable milestone!

2. Don’t eat unsuitable food that will hinder your healing

You will be weakened, exhausted and in pain after surgery, so the last thing you want to do is prolong that with an undesirable diet. Eat well to avoid gut issues such as constipation and gas, especially since your abdominal area will be hurting more than usual. A diet high in proteins and vitamins will also boost your recovery, replenish blood loss and improve breast milk supply amongst other benefits. With the right foods, achieve a healthy body and a healthy mind!

A professional confinement lady can help you to prepare confinement meals that are both delicious yet nutritious. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone take care of every little detail, from the grocery-shopping and meal-planning to the cooking and washing up, while you take things easy? Sounds like a dream come true!

3. Don’t expect to bounce back immediately

Missing your abs? It’s going to be awhile before you can use them again.  The recuperation process will no doubt take some time so be patient and let things happen naturally. It’s unrealistic trying to return to a former life after giving birth or expecting to immediately be able to resume your old routine right after you are out of the hospital. Instead of getting trapped in the past, allow yourself to fully embrace motherhood and enjoy the perks of confinement. Be sure to practice these self-care tips during your postpartum period too!

4. Don’t neglect your surgical wound

Remember to always keep your incision site clean and dry, and avoid constricting clothing. This will allow it to heal quickly without a hitch. You may experience itching during this time, but refrain from scratching your surgical scar to prevent infection. Some mothers have also reported feeling numbness around the incision. While pain is normal in the early days after your operation, see a doctor if it gets worse or if you encounter warning signs such as redness, swelling and oozing of the wound.

5. Don’t fret over housework

Household chores should be the last thing on your mind when you are healing. Leave it to your spouse or other family members instead. Heavy physical activity should be avoided as well.  You might also want to consider hiring a confinement nanny to help you take the load off your weary shoulders. Not only can she settle the housework and watch your baby, she will also lend you a listening ear and provide emotional support when needed.


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