5 common pregnancy dreams and what they mean

pregnancy dream meaning

5 common pregnancy dreams and what they mean

Article by Cherlynn Ng

Dreams are said to be a window into our subconscious, and this is especially true for pregnant women. You are in a constant state of stress and anxiety, with your emotions all over the place. These feelings tend to manifest in the forms of dreams, from the unexpected to those that are just downright bizarre. While you shouldn’t dwell on them too much, it’s understandable if you are curious about what your dreams mean.

1. Giving birth to an alien

No, it’s not because you have watched too many sci-fi movies nor does it mean you are going to welcome a deformed being. As unsettling as it sounds, dreaming that you are giving birth to an alien is actually quite common among pregnant women. It’s normal to think of your child as a foreign entity whose only indication of its appearance is from the ultrasound image — which looks like an alien. Such dreams help you to work through feelings that you commonly experience during pregnancy, such as anxiety and fear.

2. Giving birth to animals

Similarly, this dream implies a fear of the unknown. For many women, the closest they have come to motherhood is having a pet. Caring for a cute animal is a lot simpler than raising a newborn, which remains uncharted territory. Such dreams are your mind’s way of practicing for the real deal, albeit on a more manageable level. Images of an adorable puppy or kitten also allow the mind to feel safe.

3. Forgetting where you left your baby

A mother’s greatest fear is losing her baby or letting harm befall him, which is why you will have dreams projecting this. It’s another classic case of fear and anxiety, where you question your competency as a mother and wonder if you are up to the job (yes, you are!). Rather than doubting yourself unnecessarily, why not take it as a good sign that your protective side and maternal instincts are kicking in?

4. Cheating partner

Dreams about an unfaithful spouse or getting cheated on are usually a sign that you are feeling insecure and vulnerable. This could be because you are feeling unattractive due to the physical and hormonal changes that your pregnant body is going through. Are you over-thinking about whether your partner still loves you or if you will ever get your old figure back? Remember that dreams are just dreams — they have no bearing on reality. Rather than fixating on the what ifs, communicate your insecurities to your partner.

5. Old lovers

Dreaming of an old flame doesn’t mean that you are seeking a reconciliation or still hung up over a past relationship. You are probably just reminiscing about a time when you were more carefree, without the roles and responsibilities of a mum-to-be. And even though those days are long gone, you will find that what lies ahead is more exciting than ever!


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