Just had a c-section? Here are the best foods to boost your recovery

Just had a c-section? Here are the best foods to boost your recovery

Article by Cherlynn Ng

Going through a Caesarean section is painful, demanding and exhausting — but hey, you did it! Now, it’s time to focus on letting your body and mind heal. Optimal nutrition is more crucial than ever if you want to bounce back quickly, so check out this guide on what to eat following your surgery and hospital stay.

1. Whole grains and vegetables high in fibre

Constipation is a common postpartum ailment experienced by many mums, brought on by various factors such as undergoing surgery and being on pain medication. It’s also a condition that delays the recuperation period by putting pressure on your wounds and incisions. However, a diet rich in fibre (at least 25g daily) can help to keep this discomfort at bay.

Besides vegetables, whole grains such as brown rice, pasta and wholemeal bread are your best buddies too as they promote smooth bowels and maintain the body’s energy levels. Additionally, they are enriched with iron and folic acid that will prove integral in the early stages of your baby’s development.

2. Dairy products for calcium and protein

Be sure not to miss out on these essential components in your confinement diet. Protein is known for being the building blocks of cells and encouraging tissue growth. Meanwhile, calcium maintains strong bones and teeth in addition to helping with blood coagulation.

So get creative with foods like eggs, cheese and tofu. Another perk of these foods is that they are easily digestible, which reduces the chances of bloating and excessive gas.

3. Meats high in iron

Iron-rich foods aid in restoring hemoglobin levels, which tend to fall due to blood loss during surgery. You will need at least 19mg of iron daily to help replenish your blood. Here’s a tip: Your body absorbs iron more efficiently when it comes from meat sources instead of plants.

Foods that you can incorporate into your confinement diet include red meat (pork liver is a popular pick), seafood, and dark leafy vegetables such as spinach.

4. Foods rich in vitamin C

To further enhance your body’s absorption of iron, spice up your meals with a side of fresh fruits and greens. Vitamin C not only combats infection, but also repairs cells and fortifies your immune system after it has been weakened by childbirth.

Fruits like oranges, kiwis and berries are packed with antioxidants, which boost collagen production (hello, beautiful skin!) and make wound-healing a speedy process.

5. Lots of fluids

Likewise, staying hydrated prevents constipation and ensures smooth bowels. While drinking lots of water has no direct impact on the speed at which your wound recovers, it nevertheless provides a host of benefits when it comes to breast milk production and revving up metabolism. Those looking to add some variety into their diet can also try green tea and lemon water.

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