5 benefits of postpartum care that show why confinement is important

5 benefits of postpartum care that show why confinement is important

Article by Cherlynn Ng

Is confinement necessary? This is a question that some mothers might find themselves asking, especially when they can’t wait to return to their pre-pregnancy lives and think it’s perfectly all right to skip the crucial stage of postpartum care.

Our answer is: Yes, absolutely!

A traditional Asian practice that has been passed down through many generations, confinement typically begins immediately after childbirth and lasts for one month, though it can stretch even further depending on each individual. Due to its many health benefits, it is gaining popularity even in Western countries.

Here are five benefits of postpartum care that you might not know about.

1. Your body can bounce back faster

Pregnancy and childbirth is physically taxing, which is why you need to dedicate time to nursing your body back to its original state. The confinement period will allow mothers to enjoy ample rest and a nourishing diet, thus enabling your body to concentrate on healing itself. Say goodbye to hair loss, painful joints and an aching back!

2. Mental and emotional wellness

Giving birth doesn’t only take a physical toll, but can be mentally and emotionally strenuous too. Confinement will ensure that you have the time and space to recuperate properly, which helps to keep postpartum depression at bay.
Red dates longan tea, a popular confinement drink, is known for reducing irritability and heart palpitations while promoting a sense of calmness and enhancing sleep.

3. Bonding with your baby

One of the best parts of confinement is being able to spend quality time with your newborn without any distractions. Editor of BabyCenter Malaysia Mei Leng Wong has been quoted as saying: “The confinement period gave me time to learn about my babies and still know they were getting good care. I was stepping away from my old life and into the new, and the confinement period was a wonderful bridge between the two.”

4. A better breastfeeding experience

Insufficient breast milk and breast tenderness are common ailments that plague nursing mums. However, these can be easily overcome with adequate rest and a balanced diet during the postpartum period. Certain confinement dishes such as green papaya fish soup can aid to boost your milk supply on top of accelerating your body’s recovery.

5. You can fully enjoy motherhood

Confinement is the perfect opportunity for making a smooth and stress-free transition into your role as a mother. There’s no need to fret about back-breaking household chores, mind-numbing work and whatnot during this adjustment period. Instead, focus on recuperating and spending time with your newborn. A happy you equals a happy baby!
Nevertheless, mothers can find the postpartum period stressful and overwhelming as they have to care for a vulnerable infant that requires her full attention while still being on the mend themselves. This is why many choose to hire a professional confinement nanny to help lighten their load.


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