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Singapore Confinement Nanny Services that include preparing Confinement Food

We are dedicated to providing an outstanding level of care for new mothers and their babies. We offer a comprehensive range of services in Singapore designed to provide support and assistance in every aspect of your confinement period. Our services range from care specific assistance with the baby and the preparation of special food for the mother and extended family, through to general housekeeping tasks such as grocery shopping and tending to the family’s laundry needs. Call 8828 8415 and allow us to serve you.

Services We provide

Stay-in home service, always close to you and your newborn baby

Our confinement lady services encompass every aspect of caring for a newborn.

Setting of confinement bath

New mothers are encouraged to maintain their usual bathing habits with warm baths of water which has been boiled. Our ladies are well-trained in preparing a warm bath for mothers to relax in.

Mother and new born’s laundry needs

(service extendable to other family members)

Confinement food for the mother

Your knowledgeable nanny has been trained in all of the important aspects of preparing confinement food including which herbs should be used to restore strength and vitality. Your nanny is also able to prepare meals for other family members, if necessary.

Care tips

Your confinement lady will provide you with all the support, care, and information you need to ensure your experience is as pleasant as possible.

Shopping for groceries

Guaranteed arrival of nanny

Work permit application, collection

Our agency is licensed by Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower and all of the ladies we hire have the proper work permit to ensure compliance with the relevant government regulations.

Annual medical check-up

To ensure that the confinement nannies serving you are healthy

Thomson Accredited Confinement Nanny

All of our ladies undergo training in accordance with Thomson ParentCraft Centre’s Confinement Nanny Training standard. This is a comprehensive course which encompasses all aspects of newborn care as well as confinement food preparation.