The Risk in hiring a nanny directly.

Hiring a freelance confinement nanny runs the possibility of her not being able to turn up when:

  • You deliver earlier than your estimated due date, and she is still working.
  • She is sick.
  • She has some personal issues to handle back at her hometown.

When a freelance nanny does not turn up:

  • You may panic at the last minute, and there is a high possibility that you may not be able to find any help.
  • Your deposit sum given to her may not be recovered.

On the other hand, there are advantages of engaging a pool of nannies from Confinement Angels. Making all the arrangements from start till the nanny arrives, we put you at ease by taking on the responsibility of scheduling you a nanny. Regardless of when your delivery date might be, we ensure that you are provided with a professionally-trained nanny. Our dedicated team will provide you with the most support and assistance during this time when utmost care has to be given. Services like the replacement of a nanny is available for you, if necessary.

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